Open Letter to Chris Burden:::From Tyler Rowland and Jen Schwarting.

Sq. vs. St.:::Lize Mogul looks at the nature of public space and community activism in the
postmodern city.

Manual for Movement:::Statement by N55.

As We Live, So We Work:::Statement of intent from Chicago-based collective Temporary Services

Resistance Now:::A review of You Back the Attack, We’ll Bomb Who We Want! by Tom McKenzie.

Manifesto:::Artist Steve Anderson’s plans for defending the public from omnipresent corporations.

Magical Politics: Feast or Fasting:::Andrea Bowers investigates her artistic practice through the filter of ’70s activism.

Annika Ström:::Statement

Conclave Expectatio:::A contemporary translation of Jonathan Edwards’ sermon “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” by Michael Wilson.

Utopia:::Artist Jen Liu analyzes the nature
of utopian cultures and the current fascination with them in contemporary art.

Silent Guns of Love:::Robby Herbst uses the music of Donovan and David Bowie to measure the energy of counter cultures.

The Best of the Best Of’s:::by Rebecca Morris.

Residency Papers:::Artist and WhiteWalls editor Anthony Elms checks out the DIY strategies of artist group Academy Records.

The Man Behind the ScenesL: Interview with Drag City’s Dan Koretzky:::by Trinie Dalton.

Remembries of Jack Goldstein:::by Dave Deany.

SEX:::Painter Christian Schmidt-Rasmussen deconstructs his painting and all that went into it in the first part of his autobiography.

Progress is the New Stasis:::The shared connection between Dischord Records, painter Richard Wright and suburban homes, by Todd Bourett.

Formalation:::Andreas Fischer posits a new role for formalism in the arts.

Barbara Choit

Professionalism as the New Medium:::The act of presenting yourself as an artist is becoming the art of a new generation of artists, by Zoe Crosher.

Your Pretty Face Isn’t Going to Hell:::Mark Hagen’s meditation on entropy, crystals and his art practice.

Know Your Enemy:::Filmmakers Aaron Arendt and Mary McIlwain preview their latest offering.

Valley Girl and White Diamonds/Agent Orange:::Rachel Kushner examines the mimetic video work of Michele O’Marah.

Daring:::Joe Sola traces the origins of his artistic inclinations in blood, castrated boars and Harry Crews.

Review of the Book Sture Johannesson by Lars Bang Larsen:::by Karl Erickson.

Catch S.A.R.S:::A Review of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, by Karen Lofgren.

These Things I Know for Sure:::A list of 10 absolutes by Andrea Zittel.

Mungo Thomson Statement

Anthony Elms Statement