Issue #5 Keri Butler on the Association of Autonomous Astronauts ::: Lane Relyea In Defense of Artfurum ::: Greg Purcell's conversation with Chuck Jones ::: Andrew Falkowski finds truth in Paul Morrison'd black and white world ::: Todd Bourret's take on men's fashion ::: Benjamin Weissman interviews Laura Owens ::: Tightrope Walking by Marc Herbst ::: Lori McPhail review's John Baldessari's first web project ::: Mark Grotjahn's fraternal cross-country romp ::: Mari Eastman interviews Mark Grotjahn

Issue #4 The Art of Kicking Your Ass! Kathryn Hixon on The Rise and Fall of Conceptual Art:::A Report from the MoMA Strike of 2000:::Joe Knowles visits Legoland:::Michelle Grabner interviews artist Chris Sperandio:::Brooks Hall proposes the Human Husk:::Joshua Rothkopf exposes a cinema history of deception:::Franklin Cason explores the strange case of documentary filmmaker Allan Francovich:::Greg Purcell finds out what McSweeney's does and how it affects your life:::Mark Herbst's explosions:::Allison Pearlman moves toward an Art Criticism for bodybuilding:::Keith Wikle nearly drowns in a Turner painting:::Michael Workman interviews indy filmmaker Russ Forester:::Kali gets down with jazzman Fred Anderson:::Karl Erickson asks four big questions:::Did we mention drawings of shiny stars with muscles?
Issue #3 All You Can Robot! Michelle Grabner on the fusion of art production and the marketplace:::Jason Meadows and Evan Halloway interview each another:::Greg Purcell on Andy Kaufman:::Mari Eastman on musician Michael Webster:::Laura Owens interviews LAMoCA curator Russell Ferguson:::Andrew Falkowski on the pseudo-rebellions of Twisted Sister and art school:::Sam Prekop is interviewed by Kali:::Joshua Rothkopf on AI, the unfinished film of Stanley Kubrick:::Dominic Molon on Lori Daniels:::Jan Estep on polar exploration:::Donald Morgan interviews filmmakers Chris Smith and Sarah Price:::Marc Herbst on a Situationist takeover of Wall Street:::Jason Pettus interviews Rirkrit Tiravanija's extended guest, Ben Butler:::Steve Anderson on Guillermo Kuitca:::Mari Eastman on the mysterious death of Ana Mendieta:::Karl Erickson on Frances Stark's book, "The Architect and the Housewife":::Joe Knowles on Stereolab:::Plus Robots, Bunnies and drawings!
Issue #2 Peter Land interview by Michelle Grabner:::"My Son, The Artist" by David Robbins:::Tony Matelli interview by Theresa Dillon:::Michel Auder interview by Aeron Bergman:::The Suprahuman Fonz by Karl Erickson:::Oh Brother! Scott and Tyson Reeder interview Jes Brinch and Mads Steen:::The Visionary Experience of Jeff Koons and William Blake by Greg Purcell:::Godzillions by Joshua Rothkopf:::Liam Hayes interview by Kali:::Mari Eastman Interviews Rebecca Morris:::Artist Survey by Stephanie Brooks:::David Grubbs interview by Kali:::Pam and Tommy Lee Porno tape by Dominic Molon:::Plus reviews, skulls and drawings!
Issue #1 The Contemporary Studio: Laura Owens interviews Jorge Pardo, Frances Stark and Monique Prieto:::Footnotes, an interview with artist Gary Cannone by Chris Heenan and Rebecca Morris:::Fuzzy Logic: Michelle Grabner talks about Uta Barth and the Marlboro Man:::Interview with Yayoi Kusama by Kathryn Hixson:::New Fashion Ideas by Scott Reeder:::Choose Me: A Case Study of Marginal Interest:::Franklin Cason on Rae Dawn Chong:::Kill The DJ by Ken Fandell:::Plus reviews, drawings and Chazzy B!